Clark Hall Doors and Windows

3034 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203

Clark Hall Doors and Windows FAQs

How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order, the following information is necessary:
- Door style or styles that you like from the website or any other pictures you have
- Dimensions of your opening
- Materials (Wrought Iron or Wood Species)
- Glass Type / If applicable
- Handing (Which way the door swings – see "How Do I Figure Out The Swing & Handing For My Door?" below)
- Jamb size (width of wall – see "What Is The Jamb and How Do I Know What Size To Order?" below)
- Bore (door lockset prep – see "What Is The Bore On A Door?" below)

If we are shipping the door to you directly, provide a shipping and billing address as well as the contact name and number for receiving the door shipment.

If we are installing the door, we will verify the dimensions of the opening and jamb size prior to order.
We will send out an invoice reflecting all the door details, and request approval prior to placing your order in production. For Custom doors we will provide a CAD (engineered drawing) of the door unit for your approval prior to production.

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