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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy From Clark Hall Doors and Windows?

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs, architecture and budget to find the right door for you. We have been creating, installing and servicing homeowners for over 40 years and only sell products that we can stand behind over time. 

Quality Products – Our wood doors are made from the highest-quality hardwoods, and are kiln dried with mortise and tenon construction and floating panels. We offer the most refined wrought iron with features and details like no other. We have pressure-rated and HVHZ-certified doors to meet geographical requirements.

Custom Service -  We pride ourselves on offering turn-key entry solutions including design, measuring, production, installation and service. From the start we will guide you through your options, measure and offer design guidance. We also work with architects, designers and builders to incorporate any requirements and design ideas.    

We handle all the details of installation, including removing existing doors and fabrication and installation of custom brick moulds.  When we are finished with your installation, the project is complete. We service our customers while under warranty and thereafter.

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What Is Your Payment Policy?

A 60% deposit is due at time of order approval and the remaining 40% is due at the time of installation or shipping.
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

If you have questions regarding our payment policy, feel free to contact us.

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What Is The Threshold And What Are My Options With My Door Order?

The threshold sits at the base of the door and is adjustable to support a snug fit with the bottom of the door. Color options for your threshold may be available. Ask our sales staff. 

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What Is The Jamb And How Do I Know What Size To Order?

The jamb size refers to the depth of your doorframe. The jamb size should match the thickness of the walls. For example, if your home has 2x4 framing, you will order a 4 9/16 threshold to allow for the drywall and exterior siding.

The frame or jamb holds the door in place. By ordering a door unit that is prehung, the door and the doorframe or jamb have been assembled with the hinges.

When the door unit is installed, the jamb is attached to the rough opening. The sides of the frame or jamb are referred to as the Vertical Frame or “side jambs,” the top horizontal piece is the “head jamb” and the bottom horizontal piece is the “threshold.”

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What Is A Lift Gate And Do I Need One?

To help you in the unloading of your curbside delivered door(s), we offer a lift-gate option on all of our product deliveries. The lift gate is a mechanical platform on the rear of the delivery truck that can lower your door unit to the ground. This option prevents you from having to physically move the door from the truck to the ground. This service is available for most orders not exceeding 85” in width. Any order over 85” will be delivered without a lift gate. For large orders of this size, use of a forklift with extension prongs is recommended.

All doors are shipped safely in a crate specifically designed to protect the door, ensuring that your door will arrive in perfect condition.   

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What Hinge Or Hardware Colors Are Available?

Ask our sales staff what hinge finishes are available for the door you have selected.

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What Are My Door Glass Choices?

Your choice of door (In-Stock, Custom Wood, Wrought Iron, etc.,) will determine your glass options. Finish options are listed on the detail page of each In-Stock door and our staff will assist you with glass options for custom doors.

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What Are My Door Finish Choices?

Your choice of door (In-Stock, Custom Wood, Wrought Iron, etc.,) will determine your finishing options. Finish options are listed on the detail page of each In-Stock door and our staff will assist you with finish options for custom doors.

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How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order, the following information is necessary:
- Door style or styles that you like from the website or any other pictures you have
- Dimensions of your opening
- Materials (Wrought Iron or Wood Species)
- Glass Type / If applicable
- Handing (Which way the door swings – see "How Do I Figure Out The Swing & Handing For My Door?" below)
- Jamb size (width of wall – see "What Is The Jamb and How Do I Know What Size To Order?" below)
- Bore (door lockset prep – see "What Is The Bore On A Door?" below)

If we are shipping the door to you directly, provide a shipping and billing address as well as the contact name and number for receiving the door shipment.

If we are installing the door, we will verify the dimensions of the opening and jamb size prior to order.
We will send out an invoice reflecting all the door details, and request approval prior to placing your order in production. For Custom doors we will provide a CAD (engineered drawing) of the door unit for your approval prior to production.

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How Do I Know If I Need Brick Mould For My Door?

Brick Mould is the woodwork or other material surrounding the door jamb to provide a finished look to the door. Our sales staff will be able to assist you in determining if additional brick mould is necessary for your order.

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How Do I Get Pricing?

Pricing is listed for our In-Stock Wood Door collections. Call us for installation costs or shipment to your area. For all custom door pricing, please provide the door style from the website or provide a picture or drawing of the style you desire along with the size of the entry, and we will provide a quote. This request can be made by clicking on Request a Quote found next to the door you like or by calling us at 877-897-2818.  

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What Is the Bore On A Door?

Bore refers to the preparation of your door for handlesets. A single bore is one hole for a single handleset with no deadbolt. A double bore is two holes for a handleset with a deadbolt.

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