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  • The jamb size refers to the depth of your doorframe. The jamb size should match the thickness of the walls. For example, if your home has 2x4 framing, you will order a 4 9/16 threshold to allow for the drywall and exterior siding.

    The frame or jamb holds the door in place. By ordering a door unit that is prehung, the door and the doorframe or jamb have been assembled with the hinges.

    When the door unit is installed, the jamb is attached to the rough opening. The sides of the frame or jamb are referred to as the Vertical Frame or “side jambs,” the top horizontal piece is the “head jamb” and the bottom horizontal piece is the “threshold.”

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  • Brick Mould is the woodwork or other material surrounding the door jamb to provide a finished look to the door. Our sales staff will be able to assist you in determining if additional brick mould is necessary for your order.

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  • Bore refers to the preparation of your door for handlesets. A single bore is one hole for a single handleset with no deadbolt. A double bore is two holes for a handleset with a deadbolt.

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