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Wood Door Refinishing


At Clark Hall Doors we refinish wood doors the proper way:   

  • The door slabs are removed from your home and your opening is sealed and secured.
  • In our environmentally controlled warehouse we strip, sand and refinish the doors.
  • Sikkens Cetol wood stains and sealers are used to produce a beautiful result that enhances the grain and protects the wood.
  • In about a week your doors are rehung, worn weatherstripping and sweeps are replaced, if necessary, and brickmold is refreshed and touched-up to provide a new uniform look. 
  • With adequate protection and maintenance your doors can last a lifetime.


Refreshing your wood door's finish every year can eliminate the need for full refinishing. Our Refresh program includes a light sanding of the topcoat and a new topcoat is applied at your home in just a few hours by our finishing professionals.  

Call us at 704-987-0777 today to schedule your annual wood door maintenance.

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