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Care & Maintenance

General Window and Door Maintenance Checklist

  • Weatherstrip is a resilient material designed to act as a barrier in the space between the sash and frame to reduce air and water infiltration. Make sure it is still effective. If not, contact us.

  • Clean any sand, dirt or dust from door and window hinges, sills and tracks.

Iron Door Maintenance

  • Cleaning all surfaces with a mild soap, water, and a non-abrasive cloth will help the finish on your door age gracefully. 

  • Water conditions vary across the country. Chemicals and minerals in the water and air can adversely affect the finish. We recommend that you rinse away any traces of soap and gently dry with a clean soft cloth after each use.

  • Do not use materials such as window cleaners, toothpaste, nail polish remover, or caustic cleaners.  

  • Doors installed in coastal areas require hinge oil on an annual basis. 3-IN-One Multi-purpose oil is recommended.

Wood Door Maintenance

  • Wood doors should be inspected on a regular basis, but no less than every six months. It is time for maintenance when the finish shows discoloration, cracking or peeling or excess dulling of sheen. Call us at the first sign of wear in your finish. In most cases we can provide a Finish Refresh.


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