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Selecting the Right Door

A front door is a significant investment that should provide peace of mind, enhance the beauty of your home and last for many years. Security, design, and maintenance considerations are important factors for selecting the right door.


Attaining peace of mind comes from maximizing the security of your home. A secure door will be made of hardwood, have double-insulated glass and be bored for a deadbolt. For a higher level of security, consider a 2 ¼”-thick hardwood door. For the highest level of security, a wrought-iron door provides a steel frame and insulated steel panels with either double insulated or impact glass. In coastal and hurricane-prone areas, it is important to select a DP rated or HVHZ-certified door.  


The quality of the door and its design play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your home. A good rule of thumb is to select a style of door in keeping with the architecture of your home. The front entry is a focal point that stands alone so don’t worry about matching the front door with other doors or windows. Keep in mind your front door is visible from the exterior and interior of your home. If designed correctly, it will create the “wow” factor for your interior décor and your home’s exterior.

Environmental and Structural

Making an investment that will last is dependent upon choosing the right, quality door for your exterior structure. Without an adequate cover over the entry, even the highest-quality, thickest wood doors will crack and split. Virtually all warranties are void unless a proper overhang is in place. Only Chautauqua solid wood doors are engineered and finished to withstand the elements the only manufacturer to offer a warranty on doors without an overhang. Another option is a wrought-iron door. They can be made in any design and size.     

Maintenance Requirements

Your commitment, or lack thereof, to maintenance is another consideration in whether to choose a wood, fiberglass or wrought-iron door. Stained wood doors require the most maintenance, with replacement of the topcoat about once a year. Fiberglass doors also need to be repainted every few years, as the paint will fade and sometimes peel. Wrought-iron doors are maintenance-free and have a finish warranty of five years. Learn more about care & maintenance

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