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6 Reasons to Choose a Custom Iron Door

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose a custom iron door rather than a wood door.

A Custom Iron Door Gives You Style Without Sacrifice

When you’re thinking about giving your front entryway a makeover, consider your door as the focal point of your home. Ask yourself, will a quick coat of paint on my traditional wood door do the trick, or should I invest in a custom iron door that provides more style, security, and longevity?

Tackling an entryway remodeling project is never easy, but it is worth weighing the benefits of iron doors. Here are 6 reasons why choosing an iron door could mean the difference between a nice entryway and an elevated, welcoming exterior.

  1. They’re Fully Customizable.

Unlike traditional wood doors, Clark Hall iron doors are completely customizable to meet your unique preferences and home style. From modern clean lines to intricate and ornate scrollwork, each door is truly one-of-a-kind and tailored to bring your vision to life. Aside from the elevated aesthetics, iron front doors are also a great option for homeowners that have complex sizing needs to account for. For example, if your home has an unusually sized entryway, you might have a difficult time finding a door replacement. However, our iron doors can be custom built to meet any size requirement—in fact, you may even want to add some height or depth to your current entry by adding a bespoke transom or sidelight.

A double custom iron door from the foyer of a luxury home.

2. They’re Nearly Maintenance-Free.

It’s always beneficial to think long-term. Iron doors require no regular maintenance to preserve their appearance or functionality. And, because they don’t wear as quickly as wood, iron front doors won’t need replaced or restored as often. The only maintenance you need to budget for? Some soap and water. On occasion, clean the iron surface with a mild soap, water, and non-abrasive cloth to remove dust and other small scuff marks.

3. They’re Hand-Finished & Fabricated. 

Clark Hall’s experts and artisans work with you from the first sketch to the final installation, exercising complete control over the custom hand fabrication process. You’ll never have to worry about a detail going unnoticed by a third party vendor—we even take each door through an extensive seven-step automotive grade finishing process. Plus, once you invest in a custom iron door, you’ll also be adding value to your property for years to come—whether you choose to stay or sell. Potential home buyers are always looking for a unique statement piece that sets the home apart.

4. They Invite More Light Indoors. 

Undoubtedly, light is one of the most important aspects of a modern home. Many homeowners and designers, whether they prefer traditional-inspired designs or contemporary styles, choose to incorporate plenty of windows. Our wide range of glass window styles come standard with clear double insulated, tempered glass. Opt for a more clear texture for optimum light, or go for a textured look for added privacy. Additionally, consider adding a transom or sidelight to your custom iron front door to create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces.

A woman enters her home through a custom iron door.

5. They’re Energy Efficient. 

All of our iron doors are insulated and fully functional—they may even help you save money on your energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaks around doors account for 18-20% of heat loss in an average home. Combat this with iron doors that help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

6. They’re Extremely Durable & Secure. 

If home security is a top concern for you, we understand. That’s why every Clark Hall iron door is certified to meet some of the strictest hurricane wind ratings and Florida building codes. Not to mention, our 14-gauge steel door panels and steel barrel hinges are built with integrity that offers you peace of mind. Whether you’re inside for the night or away on vacation, rest assured that these sturdy iron doors can hold their own against water, high pressure, wind, and other potential threats.

Are you ready to heighten your home’s security and elevate your curb appeal? Check out our portfolio of before and after transformations to gather some inspiration. Or, if you already have a door style in mind, read our article, How to Design a Custom Iron Door for tips on next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Doors

Are iron doors worth it?

Yes, iron doors are a worthwhile investment because they’re extremely durable and more secure than most other options, including wood doors. Plus, iron doors are nearly maintenance-free and require no regular maintenance to preserve their appearance of functionality. This also means that they don’t need to be replaced or restored as often as other doors. Lastly, iron doors are more energy-efficient. At Clark Hall, all of our iron doors are fully-insulated and are equipped with professional-grade weather stripping. 

Is an iron door better than wood?

Overall, iron doors offer more benefits compared to wood doors. For example, iron doors do not warp or bend while wood doors often do depending on the weather and other conditions. Additionally, there is little to no risk of rot when it comes to iron doors, but wood doors can rot and the repairs may be costly. Learn more about the difference between iron doors vs. wood doors when you read our blog.

How long do iron doors last?

With minimal maintenance and cleaning needed, iron doors can last more than 30 years when properly cared for.

Learn more about iron doors today.

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