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4 Ways to Customize Traditional Front Doors

Learn more about traditional door handles, knobs, and knockers.

Feeling like it’s all been done before? Or, not sure how to take your front doors to the next level? When designing a traditional iron door, there are many ways to customize—from unique handles, knobs, finishes, knockers, and more. Clark Hall’s experts can work with you to customize hand forged hardware to fit any vision—whether you’re dreaming of elegant door knockers or stately pull handles, we want to help make your traditional door stand out.

Design Options for Traditional Front Doors

Wondering where to begin? Take a look at our traditional front door gallery for inspiration. But that’s only the start. The hardware you use to open your door can be just as important as the design from afar. See our tips below to get started.

  1. Choosing Hardware — Knobs & Handles 

You might be asking, is there a difference? Yes, traditional door knobs usually have a circular head whereas handles tend to be more rectangular and can provide more flexibility to open the door. There are many types of door knobs including keyed entry, simple passage, and privacy door knobs. For a traditional front door, the door will most likely include some kind of keyed entry. Styles of door knobs range from rustic, classic, modern, and antique. Here are a few examples of traditional door handles and levers for inspiration.

Clark Hall's catalog of traditional door handle options.

   2. Picking a Finish

At Clark Hall, we have six exclusive finishes. Once you’ve chosen your traditional door knob, picking the right finish to complement it can set the tone for your door. Another important detail to consider is the color of your home surrounding the door. To create a more dramatic look, you could incorporate different colors from both ends of the spectrum to create contrast. For example, we find that Bronze and Cinnamon finishes pair best with classic brick homes, while Burnt Copper is a popular option for homes that feature a white or light colored exterior.

    3. Selecting a Glass

Another way to personalize your traditional front doors is with your choice of glass. Clear glass is always a classic, but we have over 10 different styles of glass featuring unique textures. For example, the door featured below flaunts a Seedy Baroque glass which creates a sense of elegance when paired with a traditional iron door. 

Our range of glasses allow you to choose a statement-worthy style that doesn’t sacrifice privacy or the amount of light that can flow through. Plus, it’s not everyday that you see a glass front door with a fun, textured window.

Modern iron door with textured Seedy Baroque glass


4. Adding Flair — Traditional Door Knockers

This is where things can get really fun. Some quick history: traditional door knockers have been around as early as the16th century adorning people’s homes. Over time, homeowners began to add more detailed designs, often relating to local patterns and traditions. For example, a lion’s head door knocker is known to make a very impressive statement on guests. Creating a traditional door knocker can add a layer of uniqueness to your door. If you’re interested in how iron works come to life in general, check out our other blog on the custom fabrication process.

Ready to get started on creating your one-of-a-kind traditional iron door? We’re ready, too! For more examples of traditional door transformations, check out our before and after gallery. And, to get started on your dream door, schedule a consultation with our experts.


Frequently Asked Questions About Traditional Front Door Handles

What traditional door handles are in style now?

In recent years, traditional door handles and traditional door knobs have seen a trend in darker colors to give their homes more modern and sophisticated looks. However, if you want to add a touch of timeless luxury to your door, some people are bringing back high-shine finishes like brass and polished chrome.

What are the most popular traditional door finishes?

Of our six finishes, Bronze is Clark Hall’s most popular finish and has the warmth of wood, complimenting most exteriors—Bronze would also pair well with a warm-colored traditional door handle. Many of our traditional doors tend to have a Charcoal finish which is great for exteriors with gray and white tones. The other four are Burnt Copper, Cinnamon, Gold Mist, and Slate. Whether you choose one finish for the door and handle, or incorporate a complementary pairing is up to you.

What are some examples of traditional door knockers?

Long before doorbells, there were door knockers. The designs of knockers were wide ranging, taking inspiration from nature and geometry. Figurative door knockers incorporated various animals such as lion heads in Britain and eagles, a favorite in the United States. Today, you can make door knockers as vintage or fun as you’d like.

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