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Behind the Design with Jennifer Beaman Pippin

Sit down with professional designer Jennifer Beaman Pippin as she takes us behind the scenes of the design process for creating an award winning, ornate front door and dining room window.

Q&A About the Award Winning Ornate Window

Talking with designers about their inspiration and seeing how they progressed from first sketches to final design is one of our favorite ways to reflect, especially when that design is gorgeous, award winning window. Follow along as we interview Jennifer Beaman Pippin, the professional designer who won a national design award in the annual American Residential Design Awards (ARDA) competition. 

The ARDA are granted by the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), a nationally recognized organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the profession of residential design. Additionally, in the Lake Norman Homebuilders Association ‘Best of the Lake’ Design Competition, Pippin won the Best Project Design for a Waterfront Home. Both of these awards are highly distinguished and competitive. We are delighted to work with talented professionals like Jennifer Beaman Pippin.

The Project Profile 

  • Designer Name: Jennifer Beaman Pippin, FAIBD, CPBD 
  • Occupation: Owner, Founder, and Lead Residential Design Specialist of Pippin Home Designs
  • Home Location: Mooresville, NC

Our Exclusive Interview

Q: When designing the doors and window for this home, what were the features that you couldn’t compromise on? In other words, what was on the must-have list as you headed into the initial design stage.

A: “The no-compromise features were drama, natural light and security. The entry features of this home were critical to the design because this is where the focal point is on the street side of the home, and it’s the ‘Mouth of Chi’. Our clients desired a “WOW” factor entrance for the dramatic interior spaces that are two stories tall inside. The front door and dining room window needed to be substantial to fit the space and also create a sense of drama from the street view. This Clark Hall front door, transom, and Dining Room window provided the desired drama and the feel of security at the same time with the wrought iron detailing.”

Q: The custom transom windows above the door and window add a lot of extra light to the interior space. Were transom windows a must, or did you collaborate with Clark Hall to come up with the idea?

A: “This much glass in these two spaces was a must, due to the tall interior heights of the two rooms behind the glass, and their desire for abundant natural light.”

Foyer of award winning custom iron ornate window

Q:  Considering that the home has more modern architecture, what made you choose an ornate iron door and window over more contemporary options?

A: “This home is considered a modern English manor, so its door and window style ties in well with their desired dramatic entry features, which is all about prestige.”

Q: Were there any other changes that you made to the home to really make the lake view the focal point of the property?

A: “In addition to the abundance of windows on the lake side, there are two-levels of Covered Porches to maximize the indoor outdoor connectivity, dramatically enhance the views of the lake, and they also provide shade for the interior spaces for this west-facing home.”

Aerial view of Lake Norman house featuring award winning ornate window

Q: What did you enjoy most about the process of designing a custom door and window?

A: “The most fun aspect was the knowledge that whatever we chose to create, Clark Hall Doors could build and deliver a beautiful finished product.”

Q:  What would you tell other people who are considering partnering with Clark Hall?

A: “I believe that anyone who is considering having a personal and unique custom entry feature built for their home should partner with Clark Hall Doors, and it will be the best decision they can make for a quality and durable entry feature.” 

We are grateful for Jennifer’s creative expertise and her partnership on this project. We’d also like to highlight the excellent work of Spivey Construction Company, Inc., PTI Design, and Wes Stearns, the photographer for the photos seen above. If you’re interested in working with Clark Hall on your own project, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. And be sure to visit our blog to see how you can start the process of designing a fully-custom door

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