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Where to Add Custom Front Entry Doors

Wondering where else you can add a custom iron door beyond the front entry? Browse a wide variety of customizable doors that can bring style and continuity to your home.

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from scratch, a blank canvas can be exciting. There are many questions to consider, one of the most important being how you will design your front entry doors and custom interior doors. They’re some of the first components of your home that your neighbors and guests encounter, presenting an opportunity to make a grand first impression.

Collaborate with our experts to create custom iron doors in any room that complement your taste. To start, begin gathering inspiration for your project by reading standard and unique locations to implement an iron door.

Front Entry Doors

The most obvious place to add a custom iron door is in the front entry, which can set the tone for the rest of your exterior and interior design decisions. Choosing an iron front entry door over other common materials like wood or fiberglass, is beneficial for many reasons. When it comes to iron vs. wood doors, iron doors are more secure, better insulated, and require little to no maintenance. They also provide better protection against extreme weather.

At Clark Hall, we have three main styles of iron doors: modern, traditional, and ornate, which you can explore in our project gallery. You can apply any of these styles to custom interior doors, wine cellar doors, and custom patio doors as well. Once you’ve created your front entry door, the fun begins in dreaming up where coordinating doors can go throughout the home.

Custom Interior Doors


Since the pandemic, more and more professionals are choosing to work remotely. According to a study from WELL, beautifully-designed spaces support psychological and emotional wellness. Transform your office space with a custom interior door and make your “work from home” environment enjoyable to be in.

Modern iron door in office

Dining Room

Gathering for meals can be one of the most special times to connect with family and friends. For the dining room, consider a modern iron door that features large clear glass panels, creating a spacious room and a seamless transition. Just imagine a custom interior door that offers a picturesque view from your table. For more inspiration about incorporating an iron door in your dining room, read our interview with professional designer, Collette Wilson.


Modern iron door in dining room


Love is an open iron door. Picture yourself walking out onto your balcony through a custom interior door that you designed. Balcony doors can bring more light into the room and create a uniform style throughout your home. Whether you choose a sliding glass door, a classic double door, or something else entirely is up to you.

Modern iron doors in balcony

Custom Patio Doors

To elevate your outdoor space and create a scenic windowscape, add a custom patio door to your home. We have sliding glass doors and timeless French designs to pull inspiration from, but that’s just a starting point. If you’re concerned about protection from weather, each custom patio door can be made to withstand the strictest hurricane wind ratings and Florida building codes. 

Expansive patio doors are great for hosting dinner parties or holiday gatherings, too. For a great example of custom patio doors (and a bedroom balcony), take a look at one of our total home makeovers, The Quail Hollow.

Two ladies and 1 man having wine in outdoor living area

Custom Wine Cellar Doors

No matter the size, display your wine collection with pride with custom wine cellar doors. Whether you have a select few favorite wines or are hosting a full range of varietals, transform your entertaining space with a bespoke wine cellar door. Unrivaled security and durability is our guarantee as each element is built with integrity and inspected before installation. And, a wine cellar equipped with a custom iron wine cellar door increases the appraised value of a home.

Iron wine cellar door single panel

Ready to upgrade your entryways and design custom iron double doors that fit your home’s needs? Contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our showrooms, and we can chat through your latest inspiration as you get the chance to experience our doors up close. Before you connect, be sure to check out 15 front door styles and 6 modern front door design ideas for even more inspiration. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Iron Doors

Do iron doors add value to your home?

Investing in a custom iron door will add value to your home and may entice potential buyers to choose a home that features such a unique piece. Potential buyers are always keen on buying property that does not require immediate renovation and repairs. Overall, iron doors increase the value of your home in the present and will be a good asset if you decide to sell later on. 

Are iron doors secure?

Iron doors take security to the next level. Our fully custom entryways and windows represent distinction and excellence beyond what can be found anywhere else. Our doors are certified to meet some of the strictest hurricane wind ratings and Florida building codes. From our 14-gauge steel door panels to the steel barrel hinges, each one is built with integrity—down to every weld. 

Are iron doors more expensive than wood?

The cost of a door varies based on factors like the manufacturer, the details of the design, and the labor involved. Typically, custom iron doors are more expensive than wooden doors, however, the pros of iron doors far outweigh the cons. Considering that wooden doors are more prone to wear and tear, iron doors are much more durable and require minimal maintenance.

Learn more about iron doors today.

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