Care Kits

Like any product, Clark Hall’s iron doors require routine general maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Under normal conditions, we recommend cleaning your door(s) at least twice per year during the spring and fall seasons to remove any buildup of pollen or other debris. If you live in coastal areas or areas with high humidity, you may need to care for your door more frequently.

Unlike a factory-built product, Clark Hall doors are hand-crafted wrought iron. They are one-of-a-kind works of art and some of the marks add character and authenticity to the door. Certain amounts of marring or imperfection is to be expected. With this in mind, it is common for iron doors to develop minor scratches over time that need minimal touch-up. To prevent any rust issues as your door ages, it is important to seal up any small scratches on the surface of the door. A small vial of touch-up paint may be requested for your Clark Hall door. The touch-up paint is a proprietary mix of copper and acrylic paint specifically formulated for your selected finish. Our paint adheres best between 55-80 °F and should dry rapidly.

Please contact our service department for further instructions or to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 704-987-0777


General Cleaning Instructions: 

  1. Create a solution of liquid castile soap and water. Mix until light suds begin to form.
  2. Gently clean the surface of the door using a clean towel and the soapy solution to remove any buildup of surface contaminants. For best results, work your way from the top of the door to the bottom.
  3. Rinse off the soapy solution with a light stream of water from a garden hose or a clean rag dipped in water.
  4. Finally, dry the door with a clean microfiber towel. Fully dry any grooves, hardware, and hinges to prevent rust.


Touch-up instructions: 

  1. Clean the affected area using our general cleaning instructions and wait to apply paint until the area has fully dried.
  2. Shake-up the vial of touch up paint well to evenly distribute any copper that has settled.
  3. Using a cotton swab, carefully dab the scratch with touch-up paint until it is completely covered and let dry. You may need to allow the copper in the paint vial to settle a bit in order to get the right mix to match your existing finish perfectly.
  4. When applying the touch up, think of the mantra, “Use Less for the Best”. We highly recommend keeping the footprint of the touch up to the smallest amount possible for best results.


Extra Tips: 

  1. Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap that is free of synthetic ingredients and animal fats. Any other vegetable or plant-based soap would be a great alternative. Liquid dish soaps, such as Dawn and Ajax, can damage the protective finish on your door and accelerate the oxidation process.
  2. Do not use a pressure washer or similar devices to clean your door. This may strip the door finish and will void any warranties.
  3. We recommend applying touchup paint between 55-80 °F for best results. Applying paint outside of this temperature range may change drying times and/or alter the finish.