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Ornate Doors

Elegant designs with intricate details make these ornate doors a showstopper. Our custom exterior doors will provide long lasting beauty to your home.

Traditional Doors

These traditional doors compliment any entryway with a classic and timeless design.

Contemporary Doors

Capture a slim look and an open feel by installing a sleek profile door from Clark Hall. Enjoy the modern style that these custom steel exterior doors offer with their clean lines and thin frames.

Craftsman Doors

Expertly designed with a charming feel, craftsman doors will transform your entryway.

Patio Doors

Beautiful patio doors maximize daylight and allow for a seamless transition from your home to your backyard. Discover how these custom steel doors will bring your indoor and outdoor spaces together.

Wine Cellar Doors

Take your entertaining to another level with a custom wine door.

“Clark Hall Doors and Windows has been an exceptional partner in our quest to create innovative and functionally superior architectural designs. Their expertise and skill has allowed us to partake in the creation of extraordinary entry doors. To watch them work is a treat. They have been open and willing to take on even the most outlandish concepts and pushed them to the realm of possibility. Clark Hall Doors and Windows’ quality, price, and customer care are the best we have encountered yet.”

Jahan Nourbakhsh & Toby Witte, Dialect Design, NC.

Jahan Nourbakhsh & Toby Witte, Dialect Design, NC.

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