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A Conversation About the Custom Fabrication Process

Learn more about the iron work trade and what inspires our artisans to bring every client's vision to life.

Do you know what happens after you collaborate with our experts and send your custom iron door through the fabrication process? Those 10-12 weeks before installation are critical in bringing your unique piece to life—and the artisans behind the process exude an unwavering passion and pride for their work. We are proud of the incredible team of talented iron workers and craftsmen. Learn more as we sit down with the head of manufacturing for an exclusive conversation.

A One-on-One Conversation

  1. How would you describe the skill and artisanship that goes into the custom fabrication process?

Clark Hall’s artisanship begins with the end in mind; the vision of our client. We are proud to have the collaboration of the best experts in our trade on our Clark Hall team—people that are very proud of their skills, labor, and knowledge. Some may think that our trade is losing its charm because of modern-day advances, but our artisans are able to combine new tools with classic training, creating truly unique, handcrafted pieces.


An artisan works on a custom weld.

2. What is required to develop these beautiful pieces of art?

There are 3 distinct elements required to create these stunning custom doors: 

    • Artistic skills are imperative to designing, engineering, and creating a functional, and beautiful architectural piece. Because this is a custom business, we need to be able to tackle each order individually, as every project is a bit different. That is the beauty of our business—it offers us a constant challenge, giving us the opportunity to find and develop new solutions to complex situations.
    • The element of fire is such a fascinating concept…it is one of the very basic elements to work with, and the whole wrought iron process starts with it. We need the power and energy of fire to bend iron.
    • Steel is the very foundation of our trade, and we have dedicated our lives to master the art of its transformation—from stiff and rough to beautiful and aesthetic. From the industrial, cold, and straight nature of modern steel profiles; to functional, stunning, and amazing pieces. This is not for the faint hearted, as only a few have the strength, will, and passion to create beauty from scratch.
An artisan works on welding a custom wrought iron scroll.

3. Can you describe the art and precision needed for the craft?

Simply put, being an artistic and precise iron worker means that you must blend technology with skill. At Clark Hall, we transform iron from a rough material to a beautiful piece of art—and to do so, we have to apply our knowledge of science and technology, and our skills and passions as artists. When we’re working on a custom door, we don’t solely rely on technology, but instead, use it as a way to support our craft. After all, a tool or piece of technology will only work as the hand commands. It will never matter how modern or “fancy” your tools are if you lack the knowledge, expertise, and experience. 

An artisan works on finishing the scrollwork for a custom iron door.

4. What makes Clark Hall doors different?

Clark Hall doors are different because they’re each a unique piece of art. We’re committed to fulfilling each client’s vision and bringing it to life—no matter how difficult the project may be, we are confident that we will find a creative way to solve the challenge. Additionally, we support our work with many quality controls that tackle different areas including technical, operational, and aesthetic.

Two artisans work on the finishing process for a custom iron door.

It goes without saying that our team’s love for the trade is undeniable. Our fierce passion and expert skillset breathe life into every client’s dream door—whether it’s an intricate ornate piece or a sleek modern entryway. It is both motivating and satisfying to know that clients trust us and that we get the opportunity to help make their vision for their home become reality. If you’re interested in taking the next step to designing a fully-custom door, please contact us to schedule a consultation. And, be sure to browse our entire project gallery to find endless inspiration.

Learn more about iron doors today.

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