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All About Glass Front Doors

Consider adding a textured glass to your front door design—our high-quality glass options and exclusive design options add intrigue to any entry.

Textures. Styles. Pros & Cons.

Have you ever walked through a set of front doors that feature inviting glass window panels? Stepping through that entryway probably felt like a breath of fresh air—the foyer was bright and the entrance was contemporary. Gone are the days of rigid wood doors that feel like barriers between you and your guests. Instead, homeowners and designers are choosing glass front doors that create a seamless transition from one room to the next. However, this simple upgrade may still pose some questions. For example, what are your privacy preferences? What texture of glass suits your style? And, what window panel layout best complements your home? Find answers to all of your questions when you follow our guide—from the need-to-know details about our glass to choosing the right style, we’ve got you covered.  

About Our High-Quality Glass

First, it’s important to consider the quality and integrity of the glass before you design a windowed front door. All of our doors—whether it features one small window or is made almost entirely of glass—come standard with clear double insulated, tempered glass that is compliant with ASTM C1036 quality criteria. Plus, all of our styles can be customized with impact-rated glass to meet specific building codes and requirements. Lastly, keep in mind that we provide a 5-year warranty on the the finish and glass.

Choosing a Texture for your Glass Front Door

Once you’ve decided that you want to design a glass front door, the fun part begins. But, your design preferences will be influenced by your privacy preferences. For instance, remember that textured glasses, like Rain and Cotswold, will offer more privacy, while clear glasses will offer onlookers an unobstructed view from the inside and outside. Additionally, consider current design trends. If staying on-trend is important to you, think about using the very popular Clear, Rain, and Aquatex textures. For more inspiration, check out some of our glass options accompanied by styling tips:x

Clark Hall has 12 exclusive glass types for custom doors.

Seedy Baroque

Intriguing, unique, and inspired by original flat glass. This pairs well with traditional door styles that pay homage to classic craftsmanship.

Horizontal Reeded

Smooth, simple, and unassuming. This glass texture adds privacy to any iron door.


Tranquil, obscure, and natural. This texture mimics glass on a rainy day, perfect for modern and traditional styles.


Historic, eye-catching, and bespoke. This glass is inspired by Old World German antique glass from the 1800s—each panel is truly one-of a-kind, complementing any door style.


Sleek, timeless, and always in style. This glass also pairs well with pivot door designs. 


Classic, opaque, and stylish. This glass is similar to traditional frosted textures, offering privacy and intrigue—it complements modern and traditional doors well.  

Pros & Cons of Glass Front Doors

As with any design decision, there are pros and cons to consider. With that being said, the only con we typically hear from clients is that there’s a potential lack of privacy. While this largely depends on the glass texture you choose, privacy can still be your priority. For instance, you may choose to use blinds, curtains, or other window treatments to control privacy from the inside. On the other hand, there are many pros to designing glass front doors. They are on-trend, fully customizable, and they invite more light into your home and foyer. Plus, maintaining glass front doors is very easy—simply use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaning spray to wipe away dirt, streaks, and yes, even paw print marks from your favorite security guard.

Feeling inspired to upgrade your entryway with a glass front door? Browse our entire project gallery for more ideas before scheduling a consultation with one of our experts. And, be sure to visit our blog to read about sidelight and transom options—there are so many creative ways to add windows to your exterior!

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Front Doors

Is a glass front door a good idea?

Yes, a glass front door is a good idea because it gives you the opportunity to invite more natural light into your home and foyer. Plus, glass front doors are often seen as more inviting and welcoming compared to heavy doors with little to no glass.

How can I ensure privacy with a glass front door?

To ensure privacy with a glass front door, you may choose to use blinds, curtains, or other window treatments to control privacy from the inside. From a design perspective, we recommend choosing a heavily textured glass like Rain, Cotswold, or Arctic if you want to limit what others can see.

What are the different types of glass for doors?

At Clark Hall, we offer clients a variety of glass textures to choose from. All of our options are clear double insulated tempered glass compliant with ASTM C1036 quality criteria. For textured glasses that ensure privacy, opt for Rain, Reeded, Cotswold, Arctic, Aquatex, or Citrus glass. For more clear glass, choose Clear, Illusions, or Seedy Baroque.

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