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Iron Door Features & Benefits

Our fully custom entryways and windows represent distinction and excellence beyond what can be found anywhere else. Learn more about the features and benefits of our extremely durable and nearly maintenance-free iron doors.

Customizable parts of iron doors.


Bore refers to the preparation of your door for handle sets. A single bore is one hole for a single handle set with no deadbolt. A double bore is two holes for a handle set with a deadbolt. Clark Hall is able to customize your door for most hardware types
Each Clark Hall door and jamb is insulated with high density polyurethane foam.
A jamb is the frame of your door. Clark Hall uses the same process used to make a door to make your door jamb. Each jamb is custom made to fit your door and your door opening. Typical sizes (or depths) for a jamb are 4 ½” for 2×4 framing and 6 ½” for 2×6 framing to allow for drywall and exterior siding.
A muntin is a decorative pattern on a door consisting of horizontal and/or vertical bars that support and divide the larger sheet of glass into smaller panes. Clark Hall offers multiple muntin options including, modern, slim, chamfer, beauty mold and more.

Operable glass opens independently from the door to provide easy cleaning of the glass, added security allowing the door to remained closed and only opening the glass, or just to let in the fresh air. 

Panels are the actual doors and the most important design element as they ultimately dictate the appearance of the door. Only Clark Hall offers the level of detail necessary to make these exceptional works of art. From integrated hand-forged decorative clavos to raised moldings and curved lines, solid panel Clark Hall Doors can be customized in any way and will always stand apart in the crowd. Door panels are 2” thick.

Clark Hall can forge custom pull-handles that can be added to your door giving you the look and feel that matches your desire.

In addition, Clark Hall recommends Emtek, LongLeaf, Rocky Mountain hardware, but can build doors to accommodate most hardware preferences.

Scrollwork includes fancy design spirals and rolling incomplete circle motifs, customized to suite any style preference, from traditional to ornate.

Our doors have three main styles: Square top, Eyebrow, Round top. The window unit in your door may also be customized: Square, French, curved top, etc.

In addition, Clark Hall recommends Emtek, LongLeaf, Rocky Mountain hardware, but can build doors to accommodate most hardware preferences.



Half Round Top


Sidelights are the windows that flank either side of your entry door. You can add one or multiple, and customize the size, shape and glass type to complement your Clark Hall door.
Sweeps are the insulation that seal gaps between the bottom of your Clark Hall door and the adjustable threshold.

Swing refers to which way the door swings and determines where the hinges of the door are placed.

A simulated divided-light (SDL) door has single pane of glass that simulates multiple panels of separated units using muntins or grills. This a more popular design and manufacturing choice.
A true divided-light (TDL) door has multiple panes of glass that are truly separated by muntins or grills.
Transoms are windows above your door. You can add one or multiple, and customize the size, shape and glass type to complement your Clark Hall door.
A strip of composite forming the bottom of an entryway and crossed when entering through your door Clark Hall uses a composite adjustable threshold with a custom shape based on size of jamb and door swing direction.
Excellence is in the details and in this case integrity of the door as well. Clark Hall doors are hand made with welding that is made to flow and continue the design of the door, rather than spot welding.
Weather Stripping is the seal around the door and the jamb. Clark Hall uses a professional grade material that matches the quality of the doors.

The Benefits of Iron

Security & Durability

Iron doors take security to the next level. Our doors are certified to meet some of the strictest hurricane wind ratings and Florida building codes. From our 14-gauge steel door panels to the steel barrel hinges, each one is built with integrity—down to every weld.

Minimal Maintenance

Clark Hall doors require minimal maintenance to preserve their attractiveness and functionality. For comparison in the industry, typically wood doors carry a 1 year warranty as long as there is adequate coverage. Wood doors without coverage often carry no warranty at all. Our doors come with a 10 year product warranty on the structure and function and a 5 year warranty on the finish. Review our warranty on to see what else is included.

Bespoke & Valuable

Every door is made specifically for you, and goes through extensive detailing before it’s installed—including a 7-step automotive grade finishing process. These fully-custom iron doors also increase your curb appeal and home value. Various realtors and remodeling magazines show that upgrading your front entryway has one of the highest cost recoup percentages when compared to other home improvements.

Discover Our Industry-Leading Warranty

Knock, knock — Inspiration Is Here

Every refreshed entryway starts with a vision-here are a few of our favorites.

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