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Home Makeovers

Simply open the door to something new—
a breathtaking transformation awaits.
Every home exterior is a tease of what you can find inside. Reflecting the owner’s unique style, each custom door and window project is specifically curated from end-to-end to complement the home’s character and setting. Browse our expansive project gallery to find homes that have been completely transformed.

Lake Norman
Water Front

This expansive, contemporary windowscape and exterior patio door remodel is stunning, creating an inviting place for guests to relax and enjoy the view.

Modern window wall looking out to lake norman.
Quail Hollow back patio and pool with modern iron doors and windows.

The Quail Hollow

Complete with fully custom iron doors and windows, this new home exterior is nearly unrecognizable—in the best way possible.

The Myers Park Oasis

Cheerful, modern and sophisticated, we love how much light these custom iron doors and windows bring to the home’s covered patio area.
A modern iron door complete with large glass window panels.
Single modern door entryway at the Lake Norman estate.

The Lake Norman Estate

Sit back and enjoy a meal with family and friends while overlooking the lake at this luxury home, complete with a modern front door and custom iron windows.

The Stately Summerford House

Transport yourself to the streets of Paris when you step through this home’s bespoke and inspired double doors.

Custom doors of Summerford makeover
Modern iron door with textured Flemish glass and burnt copper finish

The Contemporary Carolina Cottage

It’s time to get cozy—see how HGTV’s “Love It or List It” host Hilary Farr collaborated with our experts to transform her cottage’s entryway into
a modern marvel.

Inspiration Behind Every Door

All styles are fully customizable and available in singles, doubles, sidelights, and more.

Before and After

Every refreshed entryway starts with a vision—here are a few of our favorites.