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4 Ways to Customize Modern Front Doors

Create a contemporary entryway that's truly unique with these glass, finish, and hardware options.

Picture this—you really want a bespoke modern front door, but you don’t have any original ideas because you’ve seen it all before. You pass by so many homes and see double doors with the same hardware, glass, and finish colors. What more is there to customize? At Clark Hall, we specialize in bringing our client’s vision to life—there are so many design elements to discuss and consider that no two doors ever have to be the same again. Create custom front doors that complement your taste when you collaborate with our experts. To start, begin gathering inspiration for your project by reading our top four design considerations.

Design Options for Modern Front Doors

When the sketchbook is blank and you’re not sure where to start, check out our assortment of design options and the tips below—then you’ll be on your way to designing a one-of-a-kind entryway.

1. Pick a Finish

The first simple way to personalize your modern door design is to choose a finish that complements your home. For example, our Burnt Copper finish pairs well with exteriors that feature dark or black accents. On the other hand, Bronze and Cinnamon are popular options that provide a contrast to homes with warm trim colors. Looking for something a bit more dramatic and eye-catching? Try something on either side of the spectrum—our dark Charcoal is a great choice for gray and white exteriors, and the light Slate is a beautiful accent for homes with gray and stone elements. Keep in mind that all of our finishes are smooth-to-touch and hand-perfected by our skilled artisans. Each door also goes through an extensive 7-step automotive grade finishing process before it’s completed.

2. Choose a Glass 

Next, consider ways to personalize your modern front doors with the way you use glass—both from a texture and layout perspective. For example, many homeowners who customize a modern door opt for clear glass because it’s sleek and always on-trend. But, don’t be fooled—unique textures like Seedy Baroque, Rain, Flemish, and Citrus can provide statement-worthy style that doesn’t sacrifice privacy or the amount of light that can flow through. Plus, it’s not everyday that you see a glass front door with a fun, textured window. The neighbors are sure to take notice. In addition to glass types, be sure to think about how a custom sidelight or transom could impact your front entryway. If you have a foyer that could use more natural light, these are both great options that also create the illusion of a larger, more welcoming entrance. 

Clark Hall has 12 exclusive glass types for custom doors.

3. Consider a Custom Pivot Point 

If you’ve ever walked through a pivot door, you probably remember it well. These remarkable statement pieces are contemporary and smooth—and not something you see every day. Create your own custom pivot door for a modern front entrance that stands out. Again, this type of door can be personalized to match any motif, and you can choose the glass type and layout you prefer, as well as the finish color. For a truly modern look, we recommend a simple, slim profile entrance complete with minimalistic pull handles, similar to the example below.

Modern pivot front doors.

4. Select Bespoke Hardware 

Finally, don’t forget one of the most important, and practical, finishing touches—the hardware. Opt for our artisans to create and forge custom pull-handles for your door, or choose to build modern front doors that are equipped with Emtek hardware. We can tailor the design to accommodate most hardware preferences. If you’re designing a modern door, try pairing it with minimalistic locks and handles that keep attention focused on other elements. For more traditional or ornate styles, consider Tubular Entry Sets or Modern Rectangle Mortise Entry Sets from Emtek.

Can’t put your sketch book down now? We know the feeling. Now that you have plenty of ways to add your personal touch, check out our modern door project gallery for more inspiration. And, read our blog “How to Design a Custom Door”  for more information regarding our process. We can’t wait to see what ideas you bring to the table when you schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Front Doors

How much are modern front doors? 

On average, custom Clark Hall modern front doors that involve design, custom drawings, hardware, and installation start at around $10,000. Single panel doors may cost less depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

What type of exterior front door is best?

The best type of front door for your home is the one that complements your style and exterior. For example, consider the color of your exterior siding before choosing a finish. And, think about what level of privacy you prefer before selecting a clear vs. textured glass window. Regardless of style, if your entryway has the room, we do recommend double front doors simply because they offer an expanded entry for guests, moving needs, and more.

How do I choose a front door for my house?

There are five questions that you should consider before choosing a front door for your home. First, think about the type of quality you need in a door. Then, consider how custom you want it to be which will help determine what material you go with. Next, ask yourself how long you can wait for a new door—many prefabricated options are shipped from overseas and lead times can be unpredictable. Lastly, think about the regular maintenance you’re willing to put in, and what the door’s warranty is. Keep in mind that Clark Hall’s iron doors are nearly maintenance-free and come with an industry-leading warranty. 

Learn more about iron doors today.

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