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The Lake Norman Estate

 Sit back and enjoy a meal with family and friends while overlooking the lake at this luxury home, complete with a modern front door and custom iron window. 

A Stunning, Simple Front Door

The decorator behind this project was drawn to the home’s north facing landscape and unobstructed views. With the goal of simplifying and modernizing every aspect of the exterior and interior, this transformation features fully-custom iron window and a complementary single panel iron door.

A Gorgeous Space to Gather

When you enter the home, you’ll notice an elegant, contemporary dining room taking center stage. The decorator wanted to create a bright focal point that doubled as a gathering space, making the most out of the inviting light offered by the new window and door.

A Spacious, Unobstructed View

From the fourth floor at almost 80 feet above ground, homeowners and guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Norman thanks to the home’s three new floors of glass balcony railings. To complement the balconies, “ghost screens” were installed on all the upper decks to promote a bug-free area all year.

Go Behind the Design

Sit down with professional decorator Collette Wilson as she takes us behind the scenes of the design process for this gorgeous Lake Norman Waterfront Estate. Discover more on our blog, The Journal. 

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