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Custom Aluminum Doors

Swinging, folding or sliding – these doors set the tone.

Elevated Design Is In The Details

An aluminum door frame is simply a starting point. Customize yours to fit the vision — here are a few hallmarks of our aluminum door styles.

Fully Custom Design
Aluminum offers a lightweight and cost effective option for exterior or interior applications.
Minimal Door for Maximum View
Easily and effortlessly to bring the outdoors in with bi-folding or multi-point doors.
Slide Right
Our ultra-slim sliding system brings minimalist style to any room. Let in maximum light and enjoy panoramic views.
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Inspiration Behind Every Door

All styles are fully customizable and available in singles, doubles, and sidelights.

Discover Our Finishes

Bold or Traditional, Your Choice

Aluminum doors are available in a wide variety of colors to suit any style or inspiration. Different from our iron doors, aluminum doors can be manufactured using any color within the RAL chart.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional red or want to shake it up with a metallic gold, this door offers the widest selection of color choices.

metallic gold door detail

Steel Doors vs. Aluminum Doors

While both steel and aluminum are low maintenance and practical materials for creating custom doors, there are differences to consider. 

Comparatively, steel is stronger than aluminum – you can design larger and more minimalist doors and windows, letting you create a “wall of glass” for unimpeded views.

Aluminum doors are more lightweight and provide similar sightlines and design options at a lower price point. In addition, Aluminum has innate qualities that allow for application in harsher environments like salt water or the demands of a shower or spa.

Whether you choose aluminum or steel or combine both in your space, Clark Hall can help you select the right products to create the feel desired – refined and elegant or contemporary and industrial.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Aluminum Doors

Many factors go into determining the price of custom doors. The material, size, functionality, installation location, and other customizations all impact the final cost of an aluminum door. After a consultation with our team, Clark Hall will provide you with a detailed estimate for your specific project.

By using a strong and long- lasting material like aluminum, Clark Hall provides customers the flexibility to further customize their door. Aluminum doors closely mimic the look, feel, and durability of steel doors.

Aluminum doors are known for their durability, and with proper care, can last 25 years or more. The rust-free nature of aluminum and its resistance to UV rays make it an ideal material for doors. Like all Clark Hall doors, minimal maintenance and care are required to keep your aluminum door looking like new.

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I am extremely thrilled with my new doors! The quality is superb and the professionalism of everyone at Clark doors is outstanding. Definitely worth the money!

— Kate

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