Modern Iron Doors

Clean lines. Slim Profile. Minimalist Hardware.
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Elevated Design Is In The Details

Our modern front doors are simply a starting point. Customize yours to fit the vision—here are a few hallmarks of our contemporary styles.
Clean sleek lines
Achieve a contemporary entryway with smooth-to-touch modern iron
doors that flaunt custom design elements — no two pieces are ever the same.
Large glass windows
Our modern and secure iron doors frame large windowscapes that brighten the interior
and exterior of your home, creating a welcoming entrance for all guests.
Quality crafted iron
Each modern iron door is certified to meet some of the strictest hurricane wind ratings and Florida building codes.
Plus, our entryway systems require minimal maintenance and are equipped with a 10-year structural warranty.
Minimalist hardware
While our modern iron doors feature minimalist hardware, we guarantee unrivaled security and durability.
Each element is built with integrity and inspected before installation.

Modern Iron Door Inspiration

Before & After:
The Tale of Two Doors

View some of our favorite modern front door transformations to see how custom this process truly is.

Total Home Makeovers

Browse our expansive project gallery to find homes that have completely transformed their exterior style.

Contemporary vs. Modern Iron Doors

All modern iron doors are considered contemporary as both motifs are recognized for their clean lines and luxurious feel. Boasting large glass windows and sleek iron hardware, these doors will completely transform your entryway into a custom work of fully-functional art.

Find Your
Starting Point

Inspiration is waiting behind every door. From sleek modern styles to intricate and ornate works of art, each project is fully customized to make a vision come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Iron Doors

Yes, overall, iron doors are a wiser investment when compared to wood doors. For instance, iron doors require less regular maintenance and are not prone to warping, rusting, or rotting. Additionally, when it comes to iron doors vs. wood doors, iron doors are more customizable in relation to height, shape, and window placement.
Yes, Clark Hall iron doors are high-quality—and we stand by that. Each element of an iron door is crafted by experts and artisans who take the door through an extensive detailing process. During this stage, each door also goes through a 7-step automotive finishing process which includes two steps of primers and rust inhibitors, four steps of an automotive flat black, and one step of hand-done, faux finish to provide dimension.
When you’re asking yourself the essential questions to consider when buying iron doors, be sure to consider available warranties. At Clark Hall, we offer the longest warranty in the industry, and we protect against three key areas including 10 years on the iron door structure and mechanics, 5 years on the finish and glass, and 1 year on the weather stripping and sweeps on doors sold in the U.S.

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“With plenty of neighbors out walking these days, so many have stopped to look, point and smile – and our neighbors across the street came over to specifically asked who did our project because they want show-stopping front doors, too. To all, we have been proud to recommend Clark Hall Doors & Windows.”
— Maria H.

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