Single vs. Double Iron Door Entryways

Single panel doors are gorgeous, but may restrict entryway space. Learn more about the difference between single vs. double iron doors.

Expanding Width & Gaining Light

If you’ve ever been frustrated on moving day because your king size bed or sectional sofa wouldn’t fit through the single panel door—this topic might hit close to home. However, iron double doors can provide more benefits than simply extending the width of your entryway. If you’re considering designing a custom iron door and you want an easy way to increase the amount of light that flows into your foyer, you may also want to think about iron double doors. Follow along as we discuss the benefits of double doors, and check out a few project examples in a range of styles.

The Benefits of Iron Double Doors

Upgrading your single panel door to a double door entry is a great option for those who want to infuse some grandeur into their exterior architecture. Whether you’re focusing on function or style, here are three benefits of iron double doors:

  1. Elevate Your Exterior Architecture

Double doors can create a more welcoming entryway for both large and small homes. On larger homes, for example, double doors can provide a sense of balance and complement the home’s vast exterior. On the other hand, double doors can create a more open and inviting entry on smaller homes.

2. Expand Your Entryway

Many homeowners choose to design iron double doors because of the extra space that they provide—for people and furniture. Whether you’re frequently hosting guests or moving and rearranging furniture, you’ll appreciate the extra panel. We also recommend iron double doors for patios and decks as they are well-suited for entertaining.

3. Invite More Light Inside 

Double the doors means double the windows—and who doesn’t love bringing a little extra light into their home? To take it a step further, you can also add custom transoms and sidelights to iron double doors, increasing their width and height.

Customize Iron Double Doors to Suit Your Style

Regardless of your taste, our experts and artisans work closely with you to design the double door entryway of your dreams. Specify everything from the hardware and finish to the height, width, and pivot points. Explore a few of our favorite custom double door projects to gather inspiration.

Traditional Double Entry

A double iron door featuring a charcoal finish.

Inspired by classic silhouettes and design principles, this gorgeous traditional double door is complete with handfored hardware, Cotswold style glass windows, and a sharp Charcoal finish that complements the exterior’s white brick siding.

Modern & Bright Doors

A bright and modern double iron door.

This contemporary slim profile double iron door welcomes visitors into a bright, cheerful foyer. Equipped with large insulated glass windows and minimalist hardware, this entrance is simply breathtaking. 

Ornate & Expansive Entrance


An ornate double iron door featuring unique scrollwork and two sidelights.

Detailed wrought iron scrollwork isn’t the only eye-catching element of these ornate iron doors. The complementary sidelights increase the allusion of added width and help brighten the entrance as well.

Single to Double Door Transformations

Have a single panel door, but unsure how it would look to replace it with iron double doors? Check out two before and after transformations:

Traditional Single to Ornate Double

A before photo of a single panel door with sidelights and a transom.
A double iron door featuring intricate scrollwork and a dark finish.

Slim to Wide & Welcoming

A single panel wood door with two sidelights.
An ornate double iron door with unique scrollwork and two small transoms.

Ready to upgrade your entryway and design custom iron double doors? Contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our showrooms, and we can chat through your latest inspiration as you get the chance to experience our doors up close. And before you connect, be sure to read our reasons to consider an iron door, and know the difference between investing in an iron vs. a wood door.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Double Doors

Is a double door good for a main door?

Yes, an iron double door is a great option for a home’s main door because it provides a larger entryway. This extra space is convenient for welcoming more guests and moving furniture—if you’ve ever tried to move a king size bed through a single panel door, you’ll come to appreciate the extra panel.

Why is it advisable to have a double door in the house?


For homes that have the space, we recommend adding a double door if it suits your style and preference. Double doors expand your entryway, elevate your exterior entrance and architecture to be more welcoming, and invite more light inside since there’s an extra panel for windows. 

How much does a double entry door cost?

On average, a custom Clark Hall double entry door that involves design, custom drawings, hardware, and installation starts at around $10,000.

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