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The Ultimate Guide to Wine Cellar Doors

Elevate your entertaining or storage space with custom wine cellar doors—the perfect conversation starter to showcase your collection.
If you’ve ever walked into a home and spotted a wine cellar, you probably never forgot it. Whether it was in the foyer, the basement, or the dining room, a wine cellar is a stunning home statement and functional storage option—the perfect place to keep wine chilled for any occasion, from holidays to impromptu get-togethers. But, have you ever considered complementing wine cellar storage with fully-custom iron wine cellar doors?  Iron wine cellar doors are insulated and energy-efficient entryways that seal off a wine cellar. At Clark Hall, we offer clients the unique opportunity to customize entryways that fit any style or taste, as well as any height or silhouette. Feeling inspired? Pour a glass of wine and browse our design options to get an idea of finish and color, glass texture, and more. And, be sure to explore our wine cellar doors project gallery to see some of our favorite transformations—cheers!  

The Benefits of Iron Wine Cellar Doors

For avid entertainers and wine connoisseurs, a wine cellar is a great option—from both a practical and decorative standpoint. First, if you love to collect wine, a wine cellar provides plenty of storage space and the optimal chilled temperature. Second, wine cellars that are equipped with custom iron doors boast another layer of unique value. A bespoke entryway accentuates the storage room without sacrificing functionality. All of our custom wine cellar doors are insulated to keep cool air in and warm air out. Plus, they are nearly maintenance-free, requiring only occasional cleaning with a damp, soft wash cloth and mild soap. Lastly, any piece that elevates your space can have a major impact on your home’s value if you choose to sell in the future. For example, according to a survey conducted by HomeLight in 2021, a major kitchen remodel can have up to a 56.1% cost recoup—envisioning a wine cellar to complement your pantry yet?

Questions to Consider When Choosing Doors for Your Wine Cellar

Before you pull out your sketchbook and checkbook, here are 4 questions to consider when choosing the right wine cellar doors for your home.

What kind of door am I looking for?

When you’re purchasing a wine cellar door, or any door for that matter, you must account for security, energy efficiency, glass, and style. All of our custom iron doors are built with integrity and equipped with steel barrel hinges, insulated glass windows, and 14-gauge steel door panels for maximum security and energy efficiency. Plus, we use professional-grade weather stripping to seal the door and jamb. Lastly, we collaborate closely with every client to make their vision come to life—even if they want a an-glass door to showcase their wine collection. Check out our guide to designing a custom door to get a better understanding of the process.

What makes a quality wine cellar door?

Every Clark Hall wine cellar door is custom-made and handcrafted by our skilled artisans. Other prefabricated options that are built in high-quantities and made quickly use cheaper materials and paint, and usually feature insufficient welds and low-quality putty to mask imperfections. However, our custom wine cellar doors are crafted by experts who take your piece through a detailed finishing process. Learn more about our team of artisans and craftsmen when you read our conversation with the head of manufacturing.

Which way do I want the door to swing?

While you can technically customize your wine cellar door to swing in or out, we recommend having the door or doors swing in because the pressure of the cooling system will create a better seal. Also, remember to consider the depth of the wine racks as they may interfere with the door swing. Our team is happy to help you account for this during a consultation.

Does the door come with a warranty?

Always make sure that your door comes with a warranty. All of our custom iron doors come with a 10-year protection against manufacturing defects on the iron door structure and mechanics. We also provide a 5-year warranty on the finish and glass, and a 1-year warranty on the weather stripping and sweeps—essential for wine cellar clients! 

Types & Styles of Wine Cellar Doors

Whether you want a traditional, single panel wine cellar door for your foyer or a large, contemporary double door cellar in the basement, we will partner with you from start to finish. Check out a few examples of wine cellars to kickstart your next project.

A Simple Single Panel

Equipped with custom hardware and large panels of insulated glass, this slim profile door leads to a sleek wine cellar that welcomes guests as they step into the foyer. 
A custom wine cellar door in the foyer of a home.

A Contemporary Glass Cellar

These modern double front doors are complemented by two full-length sidelights and custom windows that encase the entire cellar, giving guests a peek at the curated wine collection.

A double iron door on a wine cellar.

Intricate Scrollwork Design

Featuring detailed wrought iron line work, this single panel ornate door accents the cellar’s rustic tone and European flair.

A custom, single panel ornate iron wine cellar door.

Okay, now it’s safe to take out your sketchbook and start drawing your dream wine cellar! Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, and read more about the difference between iron doors vs. wood doors when you visit our blog—many wood wine cellar doors that are on the market today will not offer the same warranty, longevity, or customization options!

Learn more about iron doors today.

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