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Clark Hall Doors Featured on “Love It or List It”

Check out our debut on the hit HGTV show “Love It or List It" as we go behind the scenes with our team and host Hilary Farr.

Ready for Our Close Up

If binge watching HGTV shows is your guilty pleasure, rest assured that you’re in a safe space. From gathering home décor inspiration to seeing total home remodels, it’s our guilty pleasure, too. Imagine our surprise when we got the opportunity to actually be featured on one of our favorite network shows.

You might be asking, where is “Love It or List It” located? While it varies depending on the season, you can expect the “Love It or List It” location to be in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill triangle in North Carolina. As of 2021, Clark Hall opened a design studio in Raleigh, exposing us to new opportunities like this one!

We’ve been keeping a big secret since the fall of 2020 when “Love It or List It” host Hilary Farr officially signed off on a custom iron door CAD drawing with Clark Hall. Finally, the moment we were all waiting for happened in September 2022 when the new episode “Hilary Loves It or Lists It” aired. This time, Farr sat in the client’s seat and chose between her dream custom cottage and a new build on the other side of town. Obviously, there was so much that went into the process from design to installation, and we want to thank our hard working team for making it happen. Here’s a look at what went on behind the scenes.

The Door Design

To fit her vision of creating a contemporary cottage home, Farr chose a unique modern door combination. When asked about her design inspiration, Farr said “From the very beginning, I always wanted the English cottage look at the front but with an unexpected element…the door. With two stories, I wanted light and a statement door and now that I’m in a brick house, I need juxtaposition with that. The home has three peaks, three different levels and that is why I chose the arch and material. The material gave me something light and not heavy.”

Using textured Flemish glass, a Burnt Copper finish, and a bold, round silhouette, it tied in nicely with the home’s overall exterior, and added a timeless design element. She also decided to use a local brand for the hardware, Longleaf—we loved the emphasis “Love It or List It” placed on working with businesses in the community. 

Hilary Farr's custom modern door featuring Flemish glass.
Hilary Farr's custom Longleaf door hardware.

According to Farr, the Flemish glass is one of her favorite elements. She adds, “I wanted it to be a surprise when you walk in the front door that it’s contemporary on the inside. The door is the perfect go-between. It makes its own statement, it’s not traditional, it’s not hard edge contemporary, it’s perfect in literally any setting.”

Installation Day

When you’re working on a high-profile project and coordinating with a production team, you might think that installation day for a “Love It or List It” home would be chaotic, but it was actually quite seamless. Of course, there was a little bit more preparation involved for the team to make sure they and the truck were camera-ready, but otherwise, the experience was very professional and smooth — in fact, we were the only contractors on the job on install day! 


“Overall it was a cool experience seeing it come together and then later seeing it on TV. I thought it was going to be this huge production and when we got there, it was just the photographer and builder,” says Clark Hall Superintendent Josh Simpson. 

Man taking a picture of modern iron door with textured Flemish glass

Filming the Show

Overall, we had such a positive experience working with the “Love It or List It” production team leading up to the filming and episode release. Hilary Farr has been especially great to work with. She has been so kind and has gone above and beyond what other TV series have offered in a partnership, making herself available at every step, and was very supportive of local businesses. On a final note, we’re so proud of our team who was complimented by the film crew.   After such an awesome experience working with Hilary and the HGTV production team, we’d hate to spoil the ending, but let’s just say that she loves her new Clark Hall door. Manager Jack Paton says, “We enjoyed working with someone who has such a sophisticated and trusted eye for design – being able to visualize the entire home and anticipating the beauty of its curb appeal, which clearly turned out well…We’re thankful to help provide not just a custom design that complements the entire home but a permanent and easily maintained solution for Hilary.” Farr’s door and “Love It or List It” home is complementing her neighborhood as well— even the youngest passersby are enjoying it. She says, “There were schoolgirls around age 12, walking by and I was outside. And they said, ‘This is our favorite house, we love your door!’ At age 12.”  Want to catch up on the episode? You can stream “Hilary Loves It or Lists It” on Amazon or Discovery+. For more modern door inspiration, visit our blog to explore 4 ways to customize the style. Or, learn more about the custom fabrication process when you read our conversation with the head of manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Love It or List It”

Is “Love It or List It” still filmed in North Carolina?

Yes, the show has had a few location swaps but began production in Toronto, Ontario, before moving to North Carolina, only to return to Toronto at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, presently, the show is back taking place in The Triangle area.

Who designs the houses on “Love It or List It”?

Hilary Farr is a top international interior designer and host and designer on HGTV’s “Love It Or List It.” Her unique sense of design comes from her global lifestyle. Usually, she is the one making design choices for clients on the show, but this time, she was the client.

What happened to Hilary Farr’s cottage?

In this special 90-minute episode, Hilary decides that instead of listing the house or renovating it, she’s going to tear it down and start from scratch. The house had a lot of room for improvement, but in the end, turned out to be a beautiful cottage with modern design touches.