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4 Ways to Customize a Wine Cellar Door

Want to impress your guests at your next dinner party? Add wine cellar doors to your home to proudly display your wine collection, no matter the size.
Fully functional and completely custom, our iron wine cellar doors are sure to be a conversation starter. We’ve learned from our wine connoisseur friends that iron wine cellar doors are more than just decorative pieces. They need to have a tight seal to maintain an optimal temperature to keep your wine collection chilled and secured. Learn more about elevating your entertaining space and hosting traditions with custom wine cellar doors.

Design Options for Iron Wine Cellar Doors

1. Consider Your Surroundings

Wine cellars reflect taste and sophistication. Choosing the right location to place your wine cellar can be incredibly important to consider for aesthetic and functional reasons. According to Wine Enthusiast the most popular spots for wine cellars are the kitchen and the dining room. Other possible locations include the basement, pantry, and under the stairs. Previous clients have often situated their wine cellar in locations where it can be the focal point. And, the interior design style in your home—be it modern or traditional—will determine which style of wine cellar door is best for you. Wherever you decide to place your iron wine cellar doors, we want to help make your wine cellar glass door stand out. For more inspiration, check out some more wine cellar door ideas in our project gallery. Wine cellar glass door filled with wine. Iron wine cellar door single panel.

2. Sketch Your Style

There are numerous ways to design your iron wine cellar door. In the same way, we have multiple styles of doors for entryways, our artisans can customize wine cellar doors to match any motif including modern and sleek or detailed and intricate. Additionally, most wine cellars are designed with clear glass so people can see their wine collection inside, but we have a selection of glass types to choose from as well. Some wine cellar glass door examples include a simple single panel, which has a slim profile door. Or, a contemporary glass cellar that has modern front double doors equipped with sidelights and transoms that allow guests a look at the entire collection. Lastly, adorning a wine cellar door with ornate scrollwork can give off more of a rustic tone that keeps your guests talking long after the last glass is poured.

3. Customize the Hardware

You’ll also need to determine which hardware style is best for your door. There are many types of door handles that can be outfitted to your wine cellar glass door including keyed entry, simple passage, and privacy door handles. Opt for our artisans to create and forge custom pull-handles for your door, or choose to build modern front doors that are equipped with Emtek hardware. We find that modern levers fit very well with wine cellars because of their smooth, simple look, and they don’t distract attention from the beautiful wine bottles. For example, the Helios or Freestone Passage Door Lever Sets from Emtek are great options for a wine cellar glass door. Wine cellar glass doors near the kitchen.

4. Choose a Finish

Another way to personalize your wine cellar glass door is to choose a finish that complements your home’s interior. For example, Bronze and Cinnamon are popular options that provide a contrast to homes that feature warm color accents. If you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic and eye-catching, consider pairing colors from both sides of the spectrum like Charcoal with white walls. All six of our exclusive finishes are smooth-to-touch and hand-perfected by our skilled artisans. Each door also goes through an extensive 7-step automotive grade finishing process before it’s completed. Now that you have plenty of ways to add your personal touch, let’s get started on your dream door. We can’t wait to see what ideas you bring to the table when you schedule a consultation. And, read our blog “The Ultimate Guide to Wine Cellar Doors” for more wine cellar door ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of door do you use for a wine cellar?

Some wine cellar doors are made from woods like mahogany, but doors with metal frames are a good choice for wine cellars because they are durable, secure, and do a better job of creating an airtight seal. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, steel, or wrought iron.

Do you need insulated glass for a wine room?

For wine cellar rooms made with glass, yes. The glass needs to be double-pane insulated glass and have professional-grade weather stripping to keep heat out and keep moisture levels in the cellar relatively constant.

How thick should wine cellar glass be?

Wine cellar doors with glass walls must be half an inch thick, double pane-tempered, and sealed on all sides.

Is a wine cellar worth it?

Having a cellar where you can store many bottles of wine can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Purchasing wine in bulk versus a case-by-case basis will end up meaning you pay less per bottle, as many sellers often offer discounts for bulk purchases. And, a wine cellar can also improve your home’s resale value because it’s a rare, highly sought-after feature. <!–FAQPage

Learn More About Custom Wine Cellar Doors

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